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Go Date Now Dating Review


Dominant Members Age Mobile Friendly Girls Percent Price
25 - 34 Yes 44% $10.99
Go Date Now making successful matches for over 20 years
Our Overall Score

Main Features

  • Compare Likes and Dislikes
  • Has features that allow community interaction
  • Confirmed profiles of gorgeous Russian and Ukrainian girls with good photos
  • Most of the other members' profiles are about 50% to 80% complete
  • Several features available to make your online dating experience more fun

Advantages & disadvantages of the service



  • Nearly every girl on the site speaks English
  • The membership fees are really cheap
  • Most of the desktop features are in tact, except for the forums and health resources
  • Targeted to teens and young adult
  • The website’s layout isn’t intuitive
  • Low speed if the speed of your internet is not good enough
  • Videos are restricted to Classic members
  • Have to pay to get full functionality of the site

How to Start With Go Date Now Website

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